Self-Aware offers consultancy on Machine Learning, Big Data & Deep Learning. We combine this with Agile and Project Management skills to tackle a data challenge.

Data Science

Data Science is all about gaining knowledge and value from your data. We want to help get you going on that path. Let us sift through your data mountains and see how we can train useful models.

Big Data

Though Big Data is definitely a part of Data Science in our book, it does come with a nasty set of extra challenges. We can help you with knowledge of various frameworks like Spark and Hadoop.

Software Development

The end product is almost never just an algorithm. We have experience with Java, Python and TypeScript to integrate our smart solutions in a fitting end product.

The bigger picture

Getting you up to speed requires more than data science alone. That's why we bring an extra set of tools such as project management, agile methods and gamestorming. The bigger picture matters to us.